Table Top Presses

In all my years as a professional printer, I never saw or was even aware that there was such a thing as a table top press. I can’t remember where I accidentally ran across my first small press. It was probably at an antique store and the press was probably... Read More

On The Road Again

I suppose that any serious collector of letterpress type and equipment dreams of discovering an old print shop that closed many years ago and has just been waiting to be found. Naturally it’s got several beautiful old presses covered in dust but just waiting to be dusted off, oiled, and... Read More

Lightening The Load

I’ve been collecting/hoarding since the mid 1980s and now I’ve come to the time in my life where I need to get rid of some stuff, actually lots of stuff. I’m offering many presses and other printing equipment at, what I think, are reasonable prices. I’m even offering some free... Read More

A Portable Print Shop

I have long wanted a portable print shop of some sort. In my files are numerous sketches, lists, ideas and notes. I’ve been hoarding equipment for this project for years. After a visit from Kyle Durie and her Type Truck, I was spurred into action. In 2012 I started assembling... Read More

Out of Control

Twenty plus years ago we built our dream shop. It was the seventh shop I, and my artist-wife Robyn, have occupied since we got married in 1997. This time I was gonna do it right and build the perfect print shop big enough to house all my printing equipment and... Read More

First of All

So, with help from my newest apprentice, Kevin Cates, I present you my blog. I’m new at this and I’ll probably fumble around for awhile. My intent is to show some of the stuff I print, express my opinions about letterpress printing and printing in general, and maybe rant a... Read More