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Out of Control

Twenty plus years ago we built our dream shop. It was the seventh shop I, and my artist-wife Robyn, have occupied since we got married in 1997. This time I was gonna do it right and build the perfect print shop big enough to house all my printing equipment and have room to spread out to the point that I’d never need any more space. Famous last words. The building is a metal warehouse-type building. I feel like I’m probably the luckiest printer around. The working shop is about 2700 square feet. It’s heated, cooled and well-lit. Crammed into that space are 2700 fonts of metal type, 600 fonts of wood type, four Vandercooks, three iron hand presses, numerous platen presses, and a Linotype. The working shop is built inside the warehouse, which is neither heated nor cooled. In the warehouse is a lot of excess equipment, much of which is looking for good homes, and more of my collection. I also allow my long-suffering wife some space for her painting and sculpture studios. What follows is a photo-tour of the whole place.

East end of the building
Main aisle
Back aisle
Back aside, another view
Presses stacked to the rafters
More excess
Inside the working shop
Small presses
C & Ps
Model 31 Linotype
Columbian hand press