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A Portable Print Shop

I have long wanted a portable print shop of some sort. In my files are numerous sketches, lists, ideas and notes. I’ve been hoarding equipment for this project for years. After a visit from Kyle Durie and her Type Truck, I was spurred into action. In 2012 I started assembling everything. Starting with a eight by twenty-four foot box trailer, I began to install equipment. A knee replacement and my sometimes hectic lifestyle slowed my progress considerably. Finally in 2018 the shop was fully functional. I’ve named the press Blue Highways Press. I’ve managed to cram six presses and four small type cabinets into the space. There’s a paper storage cabinet and another cabinet with tools, engravings, borders and other miscellaneous items on board. There’s even a sink. I’ve printed in the shop but have not taken it on the road yet. With three people working in the shop, it gets pretty crowded. How it works as a teaching facility has yet to be tested. Here’s some photos.


Interior before installing equipment
Equipment installation begins
Installation completed
7 x 11 C&P
From the back of the trailer looking forward. A 5 x 8 and 7 x 11 Kelsey.
Line-O-Scribe sign press
The main work bench